New publication of Peter Letmathe


Structural change and coal phase-out: What can we learn from a comparison of the Rhenish mining area and the Lusatian region?


In an interdisciplinary team of authors led by Werner Gerwin (Brandenburgische Technische Universität Cottbus-Senftenberg) and Frank Lehmkuhl (RWTH Aachen University) with the participation of a total of eleven scientists from both universities, we have studied the natural and cultural conditions as well as the economic situation of Germany's two most important lignite regions. Some of the differences in cultural development can be explained by very different natural conditions, especially soil factors and climatic conditions. With the progressive decline of mining and its complete cessation within the next decade, both regions will change their face significantly. The conditions for positive socio-economic development and for sustainable land use concepts that also take ecological aspects (ecosystem services!) into account are different in both regions. Nevertheless, or precisely because of these differences, the transfer of knowledge and experience between the two mining regions is crucial for the success of this comprehensive transformation process. The article was published this week in the journal Environmental Science Europe and can be found at the following link: