Study on social and economic impacts of floods in Chennai (India)


From 14.03.22 to 20.04.22, a survey study was carried out by the Chair of management Accounting-RWTH, the Chair of Cultural Geography-RWTH, and the Chair of Human and Economic Geography-University of Cologne, in collaboration with the Indo-German Centre for Sustainability-Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM); to collect primary data to study the social and economic impacts of environmental change perceived by the local communities in context to flood occurrences in Chennai, India.

The survey gathered opinions on environmental awareness, toxicity during a flood event, the psychological and economic impact of flood events, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the general happiness and satisfaction in livelihoods of the population of Chennai. The expert interviews delved deeper into ascertaining opinions of governmental employees on the service and supply hinderances for basic necessities experienced during a flood event, and the role of the government in mitigating future hinderances.

The field research gathered 1920 household surveys and 60 expert interviews from over 180 locations in the Greater Chennai Corporation. The survey process was supervised by Ms. Yashvi Baria and Dr. Christoph Woiwode (IGCS-Chennai) with the help of 18 student-interns from IIT Madras.

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