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Prof. Dr. Christoph Terbrack was born in Kirchhellen in 1969. After graduating from the Ratsgymnasium in Gladbeck and completing his military service in a NATO telecommunications unit in Essen, he studied law at the University of Münster from 1990. He passed the first state law examination before the Higher Regional Court of Hamm in 1994. He then completed his legal clerkship in the district court of Krefeld, which he concluded with the second state law examination in 1998. During and after his doctorate with Professor Dr. Heribert Hirte, Prof. Dr. Terbrack worked in a partnership of attorneys and notaries in Mülheim an der Ruhr - there mainly in the notary's office - before he was appointed as a notary's assessor by the Minister of Justice of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia in 2000. After training stations in Duisburg-Rheinhausen, Moers and Cologne, Prof. Dr. Terbrack managed notarial offices in Nettetal as well as in Eschweiler. From August 2000 to December 2003, he also worked part-time as a lecturer at the Berufskolleg Kaufmannsschule in Krefeld in the field of notarial expertise.

  • With effect from January 1, 2004, the President of the Higher Regional Court of Cologne appointed Prof. Dr. Terbrack as a notary for life with his office in Aachen.
  • RWTH Aachen University appointed him honorary professor in 2016 due to his outstanding achievements in research and teaching.
  • He was appointed to the editorial board of the Rheinische Notarzeitschrift (RNotZ) in 2018.
  • Prof. Dr. Terbrack is active as an examiner at the examination office for the notarial professional examination at the Federal Chamber of Notaries in Berlin as well as in the context of the training of prospective notaries at the Rhineland Chamber of Notaries.
  • Prof. Dr. Terbrack is also a trustee and chairman of the board of trustees of the Klockmann Foundation. This foundation, which has close ties to RWTH, supports students, among other things, and awards several scholarships and the Klockmann Prize each year.

Research Interests

Prof. Dr. Terbrack publishes mainly in the fields of commercial, corporate and transformation law as well as property development law.


Selected Publications

  • Kauf vom Bauträger
    Complete new edition of the work on the entire property development law under the sole editorship of Prof. Dr. Terbrack in the publishing house Dr. Otto Schmidt (2017)
  • Formularbuch Gesellschaftsrecht
    Sample together with notes and explanations on the law of transformations, in particular on mergers and changes of legal form, meanwhile published in the 3rd edition in 2018 under the editorship of Fuhrmann/Wälzholz by Dr. Otto Schmidt Verlag.
  • Kölner Handbuch zum Gesellschaftsrecht
    Commentary by Prof. Dr. Terbrack on the entire regulations of the general meeting of stock corporations with suggested formulations, first published in December 2010 under the editorship of Eckhardt/Hermanns in the Carl Heymanns publishing house; the 4th edition in the meantime was published in 2021.
  • Handbuch der eingetragenen Genossenschaft
    Presentation of the cooperative registration law as well as on the dissolution, liquidation and insolvency of the eG (pp. 103-109 and pp. 689-729, published in 2009 under the editorship of Helios/Strieder by Verlag C.H. Beck, Munich.
  • Steuerberater Rechtshandbuch
    Sample contracts and forms by Prof. Dr. Terbrack with comments on the areas of real estate law, wills, marriage and inheritance contracts, health care proxies, etc., published for the first time in a 5-volume loose-leaf publication in spring 2007 (the status of the work is constantly updated) under the editorship of the German Tax Consultants Institute in the Stollfuß Verlag.
  • Handbuch des internationalen GmbH-Rechts
    Presentation of the entire German GmbH law (pp. 617-688), published in the 1st edition in the fall of 2006 under the editorship of Süß/Wachter by ZERB Verlag, the 2nd edition followed in 2011, the 3rd edition in 2015.
  • Anwalt Kommentar zum Bürgerlichen Gesetzbuch
    Commentary on §§ 759 et seq. (Leibrente, pp. 4159-4163), in the 5-volume BGB commentary, in 2004 in the 1st edition published by Deutscher AnwaltVerlag, in the 2nd edition (2012), the 3rd edition (2016), and the 4th edition (2020), each published by Nomos Verlag.
  • Kommentar zum Aktienrecht ( ed. Heidel)
    Commentary on further parts of the work: §§ 36 to 40 (registration of the AG in the commercial register, pp. 207-226), §§ 129, 130 (annual general meeting, pp. 767-789), §§ 222 to 240 (measures to reduce capital, pp. 1280-1340) and EGAktG (esp. euro conversion, pp. 1933-1947) as well as editing of the collection of samples (in part together with Lohr), the 1st edition (out of print) was published by Deutscher AnwaltVerlag in 2002, the 2nd edition in 2006 (out of print), the 3rd in January 2011 (out of print), the 4th edition in 2014 (out of print) and the 5th edition in 2019 (published by Nomos Verlag).