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Christian Meyer
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Tuesday 11.00 am - 12.00 am, during the lecture-free days by appointment
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Christian Meyer studied Business Engineering at the Jade University of Applied Science in Wilhelmshaven and Industrial Engineering at the Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas, USA.

During his studies, he gained practical experience as a working student, student assistent and intern in the fields of accounting and purchasing.

Previously, he worked as an industrial manager trainee and in the IT and financial industry for several years.

Since June 2016 Christian Meyer is working as a research assistant at the Chair of Management Accounting.

Christian Meyer is a Certified Blockchain Expert (Issued on: June 1, 2018).


Research Interests

  • Mobility (E-Mobility, Carsharing, Bike-Boom, Mixed Mobility)
  • New Work (Start-Up-Culture, Open Innovation)
  • Connectivity (Industry 4.0, Data Privacy)
  • Business models
  • Blockchain (New Business models through Blockchain-Technology, e.g. W2P Anonymity)

Supervised Projects


Supervised Courses



  • Letmathe, P. / Meyer, C.: How does normal and fast charging infrastructure influence the adaption of battery electric vehicles in core areas? An empirical study in Germany, Working Paper
  • Böhm, R. / Letmathe, P. / Meyer, C.: The influence of privacy concerns regarding the costumer´s willingness to pay for extended privacy., Working Paper
  • Letmathe, P. / Meyer, C.: Econometric Modeling of Passenger Car Retail Purchase Behavior. Working Paper
  • Letmathe, P. / Meyer, C.: Drivers for different segments of customers in Germany regarding (future) connected automobiles. Working Paper
  • Beierle, S. / Heine, I. / Letmathe, P. / Metzmacher, A. / Meyer, C. / Schmitt, R.: A multidimensional measurement of Industrial Employability. Working Paper
  • Meyer, C.: Playing Nice On The Block - Economic Incentive Structure For Blockchain Networks. Working Paper