Fatemeh Najafi


Research Assistant

Lehrstuhl für Controlling


Building: Sammelbau der Fakultäten 1+8

Room: 611

Templergraben 64

52062 Aachen

Fax Fax: +49 241 80 92167

Office Hours

by appointment
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Fatemeh Najafi studied industrial Management with a specialisation in energy systems at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad and graduated in September 2020. During her studies, she gained practical experience on energy systems in Khorasan Regional Electricity Company and then worked in productivity assessment and energy department of a medium-sized tile factory for 3 years.
Since September 2022, she has been employed as a research assistant at the Chair of Management Accounting of RWTH Aachen University.


Research interests

  • Sustainable energy systems
  • Behavioral multi-criteria decision making methods
  • Supply chain management
  • Business modeling


  • Najafi, F., Sedaghat, A., Mostafaeipour, A., & Issakhov, A. (2021). Location assessment for producing biodiesel fuel from Jatropha curcas in Iran. Energy, 236, 121446.
  • Mostafaeipour, A., Alvandimanesh, M., Najafi, F., & Issakhov, A. (2021). Identifying challenges and barriers for development of solar energy by using fuzzy best-worst method: A case study. Energy, 226, 120355.
  • Kheybari, S., Rezaie, F. M., Naji, S. A., & Najafi, F. (2019). Evaluation of energy production technologies from biomass using analytical hierarchy process: The case of Iran. Journal of Cleaner Production, 232, 257-265.
  • Mostafaeipour, A., Mohammadi, S. M., Najafi, F., & Issakhov, A. (2021). Investigation of implementing solar energy for groundwater desalination in arid and dry regions: A case study. Desalination, 512, 115039.
  • Mostafaeipour, A., Behzadian, M., Fakhrzad, M. B., Techato, K., & Najafi, F. (2021). A strategic model to identify the factors and risks of solar cooker manufacturing and use: A case study of Razavi Khorasan, Iran. Energy Strategy Reviews, 33, 100587.