Name Dissertation topic
Dr. Frank Baumgärtner

The External Cost of Car and Air Travel – Implications of Legal Compliance, Energy Mixes and Travel Patterns

Syrina Beierle
Dr. Julia Bogacki

The Influence of Organizational and Negotiators' Individual Factors on Outcomes of Dyadic Intra-Organizational Negotiations


Dr. Peter Bußwolder

The Importance of Learning and Knowledge in Ramp-up Management - Lessons from a Multi-Methodical Examination

Dr. Albert Czerny

EU ETS and Its Effects on European Carbon-Intensive Companies

Philipp Dräger
Dr. Swetlana Dregert

Counterproductive Work Behavior and Hierarchical Relationships: Organizational and Individual Factors

Dr. Dina El-Bassiouny

Perceptions and Drivers of CSR in Developing Countries: The Role of Institutional and Organizational Factors. A Focus on Egypt

Dr. Patricia Heuser

Employee Skill Development in Manufacturing: Consequences of Learning and Forgetting on Production Planning and Task Scheduling

Dr. Kai Kappner

Economic, Environmental, Societal and Technological Impact Factors in the Transition of the German Energy System – Investigations from a Prosumer’s Perspective

Dr. Kai Klöckner

Interdependencies between Economic and Environmental Performance: Econometric Analyses of the Pollution Intensity and the External Costs of Companies, as well as Simulations of the Effects of Energy Decarbonization

Christian Meyer
Ilhana Mulic
David Neuen
Dr. Elisabeth Noll

Management of Information Processes in the Workplace: Implications of Contextual Factors and Decision Makers’ Individual Factors


Ilja Rabinovitch



Ramajothi Ramsundar
Linda Reinhart
Dr. Marc Rößler

Tacit Knowledge Transfer and Spillover Learning in Production Ramp-up - Results of Experimental Investigations

Dr. Matthias Schinner

Competency Management and Development in Manufacturing Companies – Results from Survey and Simulation Studies

Dr. Maria Suares

Cost and Behavioral Drivers of the Market Penetration of Battery Electric Vehicles

Dr. Maik Theelen

Essays on strategic interactions: Methodological advances in economic game experiments

Nevena Toporova
Philipp Weidinger
Prof. Dr. Christina Werner