Ways to Integrate Requirements on Vehicle, Traffic, Energy and Users



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Business Model

A business model includes all aspects which are necessary for successful and sustainable business activities. As a part of eMerge a market model is developed which allows the evaluation of advantages of different technological, political and market trends and hereupon the compatibleness of incentives of different business models. The relevant aspects are then integrated into a model of a process chain of electromobility.


Aspects of the Project:

1. Which are the economic factors crucial for sucess in regard to the implementation of concepts for electromobility? Are there any predictable dynamics?

2. What is the outcome of diferrent methods adressing the combination of different vehicle types and infrastructural measures considering agent-based, technological, economical, ecological and social aspects?

3. Which recommendations for action can be concluded considering to further technological developments and their market chance?

4. Which agent-based business models are a consequence of the results of the market model? How can they be established?

5. Which disruptive innovations would challenge the results and thereupon resting recommendations for action?

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