Demonstrationszentrum Batterie-Recycling


Together with the Institute for Infrastructure - Water - Resources - Environment at Münster University of Applied Sciences (IWARU) and the Institute for Metallurgical Process Technology and Metal Recycling (IME) at RWTH Aachen University, the Chair of Controlling has developed the concept of a recycling center for lithium-ion batteries as part of the "Battery Recycling Demonstration Center" study funded by the state of NRW. The center is to focus on pre-industrial research and include all treatment steps necessary for a comprehensive recycling of discarded lithium-ion batteries. The purpose of operating the demonstration center will be to gain valuable process knowledge in order to achieve a complete closed-loop recycling of the total battery material stream, thus ensuring the sustainability of e-mobility. Within the project consortium, the Chair of Controlling was responsible for the development and evaluation of possible financing and operating models for the recycling center.

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