Combined charging infrastructure for mobility in Aachen



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The project eCharge aims to design a concept with charging options in the public parking area in combination with connected mobility and customer requirements. The concept analyzes the whole value chain, taking into account the three criteria (1) supply, (2) environmental performance and (3) economic efficiency.

The (1) supply is ensured by utilization optimization of the loading infrastructure by parking and loading reservation systems. The (2) environmental performance is covered by incentive-optimized charging requirements, which are designed and assessed with regard to customer requirements. Proof of (3) cost-effectiveness is ensured by sustainable business models that cover viable value-added architectures to meet user-specific mobility needs.

A gain in knowledge is therefore aimed at the following questions:

  1. Which charging requirements exist for normal and fast public charging infrastructure from customer's perspective?
  2. How can incentive-optimized charging requirements ( public parking) be integrated with a local public transport system?
  3. How can successful business models (public charging infrastructure) be combined with connected mobility at municipal level?
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