Econometric Modeling



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The overall research goal is to empirically model and understand consumers' purchasing decisions for different vehicle types. Such decisions depend not only on a number of vehicle attributes but also on external factors and on purchasers' socio-demographic status.

In the choice experiments, we analyze different factors, which influence powertrain choice in the current and future market situations.

Specifically, we test the influence of factors such as brand, range (NEDC), energy consumption, pollutant emissions and price. The results of each choice experiment will be drawn from a large sample size of persons who have already been buyers in the car market. Employing multivariate statistics, we will answer the following questions:

  1. Do structural breaks change the current market developments and lead to future trends?
  2. What is the current customer perception different brands with regard to electric mobility?
  3. How do results differ between different market segments?

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