Analysis of customer needs concerning the development of vehicle-, traffic- and business model requests



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Business Model

In the context of this project we're verifiing and extending the results of the previous project eMERGE to more vehicle lines. Doing so, we examine the business models of the electromobility concerning the vehicle as well as the user profile. During our research we develop pricing and demand models based on the user's point of view. Through useful interconnectedness of the business models we establish the Toal Cost of Ownership (TCO) and extend the concept by behavioral aspects. The total cost of ownership (TCO) considers the costs over the using life of a vehicle . For this purpose , the following three aspects of electric mobility from a the TCO perspective are the most important ones: total cost, distribution of cash flows over the period of use and cost risks.


Within the project, we are dealing with the following five questions:

1. How high are the TCO of an electric vehicle compared to similar reference models? How does the distribution of cash flows over the period of use look like?

2. How can the developed business models and the related pricing models be modified in order to improve the TCO and the distibution of cash flows over the period of use for the customer?

3. Which ways of standardization concerning refueling, services and parking are able to reduce the complexity of owning an electric vehicle?

4. Which cooperations can help to reduce the complexity and the TCO?

5. Which disruptive innovations would challenge the results and thereupon resting recommendations for action?

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