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Automatische Produktion von Reparaturpatches für Faserverbundwerkstoffe

Due to the high demand of FRP components in aeronautic and automotive industry, the reliable repair procedure needs to be developed whereby the tailor made repair patch can be manufactured appropriately for the component to be repaired. This is comparable to the present repair process for metal sheet components. The need for the manufacturing of a high quality repair patch and its safe and fast transport to the location of the component to be repaired leads us to develop a “just-in-time” centralized and automated production cell.

The objective of the project is to develop a methodology which can ensure the supply of textile repair patches within 24h in Europe to the location of the part to be repaired whereby the repaired part will have 90% strength of the undamaged reference part.

The Chair of Management Accounting works in this project on the economic assessments as well as the process evaluation.

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