Business Model Development for InterSTORE

Storage has become one of the most critical aspects of modern energy systems. Also, storage has different technologies with various characteristics that makes the management and maintenance difficult and sometimes problematic. The EU-funded InterSTORE project addresses this complexity by developing an innovative technology-independent platform that virtualizes and links storage technologies and enables their demand-driven use. InterSTORE stands for Interoperable open-source tools to enable hybridisation, utilisation, and monetisation of storage flexibility.

Open source and commercial platforms will be incorporated in 4 large real-life demos to enhance the successfully flexibility platforms and check the user acceptance and economic value of the new solution. First of all, the solution will become part of already established commercial platforms making sure that a real adoption will be deployed beyond project end. The consortium will make sure the software maintenance will continue after the end of the project with the support of Linux Foundation Energy and that the work done will be considered by on-going standardization activities.

In InterSTORE, 12 partners from Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Portugal, Slovenia and Belgium are conducting joint research. InterSTORE is funded with a total of €3.5 million. The Chair of Management Accounting uses the Triple Layer Business Model Canvas (TLBMC) to explore sustainability-oriented business model. The result of TLBMC is a holistic view on how InterSTORE creates societal, environmental and economic value based on a detailed assessment of the individual value propositions of the involved actors.

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Fatemeh Najafi