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Tim Kemperdick

Research Assistant


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LIBS (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) is a promising tool for realtime analysis of low atomic weight critical raw materials such as Li. However, in spite of many systems already probing the market, its performance is only acceptable with simple samples and in controlled conditions. Its identification and quantification abilities rapidly decline with sample complexity and environmental roughness (e.g.underwater).

INSite aims to bring to market a unique and integrated LIBS technology suitable to perform accurately in harsh mining environments with true analytical capabilities. The Smart-LIBS technology involves an improved concept which is based on novel Artificial Intelligence algorithms with advanced self-learning strategies, coupled with an extensive knowledge-database of spectra and analytical information of complex minerals.

The Chair of Management Accounting contributes to the project by developing a go-to-market strategy, i.e., develop a market assessment, a business plan and an evaluation, and ultimately an implementation plan.

As work package leader, the Chair of Management Accounting therefore creates new value added potentials and estimates the total revenue and cost streams associated with the new developed LIBS product.

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