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The structural change taking place in Germany’s Rhenish mining area has huge significance for the surrounding region and its conurbations as well as for the entire federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The ongoing transitions towards a CO2-neutral energy supply, towards primarily closed resource cycles, and towards new and attractive residential, work, and leisure locations have an exemplary role inside and outside of Germany. RWTH University is proactively accompanying this change process. Not only is the Rhenish area serving as a model region across Germany, it is simultaneously providing impetus to the interdisciplinary further development of the University’s own knowledge culture. Supported by the “Universities of Excellence” funding line, RWTH has been extensively networking since February 2019 in order to bundle competencies for the Rhenish area and to establish itself as an active partner there.

Within the framework of the REVIERa project, an interdisciplinary core team from RWTH Aachen University is working in conjunction with project partners from the University and with stakeholders from the Rhenish area. Social, spatial and economic aspects of change in the district are holistically examined and analyzed. The REVIERa platform is accompanying and networking the project partners’ ideas and plans and is enabling interaction between stakeholders from industry, politics, society and research facilities. Workshops for partners and stakeholders are offered to enable a dialogue-oriented collaboration between all of them. Via this participatory approach, the REVIERa project is actively contributing to shaping and researching the transformation process in the Rhenish mining area.
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Die interdisziplinäre Kerngruppe von REVIERa (v.l.n.r.):

Pepe Sánchez-Molero, M.Sc. (Fakultät 2)
​Dipl.-Ing. Eva Strobel, M.Sc. (Fakultät 2)
Prof. Dr. Agnes Förster (Fakultät 2)
Prof. Dr. Peter Letmathe (Fakultät 8)
Maren Paegert, M.Sc. (Fakultät 8)
Prof. Dr. Stefan Böschen (Fakultät 7)

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