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At present, no Scandium (Sc) is produced in the European Union (EU), and Niobium (Nb) and Vanadium (V) are insufficiently produced from secondary resources. Forecasts announce significant higher demands of Sc (300 t/y), Nb and V until 2028 for the growing markets in alloy, steel, aeronautics, batteries, fuel cells, robotics, drones, heat exchange capacitators and 3D printing industries. Recoverable resources of Sc, Nb and V are proven to be continuously available in waste streams from titanium dioxide (TiO2) pigment production in EU (1.5 million t/y via sulphate and chlorine processing, ScaVanger will upscale an innovative hydrometallurgical technology for successive Sc, Nb, and V extraction from the TiO2 acid waste solutions. Thus, ScaVanger is setting the foundation for a sustainable supply for the EU of these critical metals (100 % Sc and about 2 % Nb and V demand), while contributing to the EU’s circular economy action plan.

ScaVanger technologies are integrated in the relevant hydrometallurgical production flowsheets of the TiO2 pigment industry to avoid waste transport and to share investments. The waste is cleaned from harmful elements (Uranium (U), Thorium (Th)), which will be stocked according to EU regulations, before the extraction of the target elements. This newly installed plant will bring several valuable metal products to the market: Scandium(III) oxide (Sc2O3), Scandium(III) fluoride (ScF3), Nb-concentrates, Vanadium (V)-salts and Vanadium(V) oxide (V2O5) essentially for the alloy industries. ScaVanger will also prove that these products fulfill the market quality requirements given by our advisory board, particularly through aluminothermic treatment. The remaining waste is cleaned and can be used for by-product manufacturing (e. g. Calcium nitrate (Ca(NO3)2, Iron-mangan (Fe-Mn) oxyhydroxides) for solar panels, the medical, electronic and environmental sectors, cement additives and agricultural applications. HCl and waters are reused in the plant.


Focus of the Chair of Management Accounting

The Chair of Management Accounting is devoted to the development of a go-to-market strategy, i.e., market assessment, business plan development and evaluation, and ultimately an implementation plan.
As work package leader, the Chair of Management Accounting therefore creates new value creation potentials, estimates the total revenue and cost streams associated with the materials from the new recovery plant.
These tasks ensure the actual implementation of this go-to-market strategy and thereby the application of the research results in the raw materials industry.

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