Phase 2: Transformation Paths to Sustainable Mobility



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In the first funding phase, the Forschungskolleg ACCESS! answered the question "What kind of mobility will we be able to afford in the future?" through an inter- and transdisciplinary analysis of actor requirements and (ex-ante) evaluation of future-oriented technology (paths). However, the design of sustainable mobility systems requires a long-term system transformation beyond evaluation aspects. To achieve this, infrastructural, market and behavioral barriers as well as path dependencies must be overcome by implementing new, actor-centered and demand-oriented technology and mobility concepts.

In the second funding phase, the Forschungskolleg "ACCESS! - Transformation Paths to Sustainable Mobility" will therefore consistently develop towards an implementation orientation. The objective is to develop transformation paths for integrated technology and mobility concepts and sustainable mobility systems with the aim of deriving concrete recommendations for society, politics, industry and citizens.

PhD students from 11 chairs of different faculties of the RWTH Aachen University are working on these issues. The transdisciplinary cooperation is promoted by the concretization of objects of investigation and practice partners in the mobility region of Aachen.


At the Chair of Controlling, possible traffic development paths are identified and investigated with regard to their (sustainability) potentials. The focus here lies on autonomous driving in urban areas.

The Forschungskolleg ACCESS! is funded by the Ministry of Culture and Science of North Rhine-Westphalia.

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