DC-based charging technologies make it possible to achieve considerable added value for existing grid infrastructures through flexible coupling of grid segments and feed-in points, while at the same time reducing the costs and materials of charging systems. Subordinate local direct current systems for the integration of fast charging infrastructure offer the potential to strengthen existing grid structures, to provide targeted grid services and to efficiently integrate further technologies of sector coupling. The aim of the "IDEAL" project is to develop and evaluate technical components, system architectures and business models to exploit the ecological and economic potential of modern DC-based charging infrastructures for electromobility.

The tasks of the Chair of Controlling in the project are profitability assessments of the various DC charging systems developed from the operator's point of view based on TCO approaches as well as the derivation of viable business models for these charging infrastructure systems. As part of the technology assessment, the total costs that would arise in comparison with the conventional AC-based charging infrastructure will also be examined.

Project partners are the Institute for Power Generation and Storage Systems at RWTH Aachen University, Siemens AG, the Chair of Energy System Economics at RWTH Aachen University, elexon GmbH and paXos Consulting & Engineering GmbH & Co. KG.

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