Current Topics

Supervisor No. Topic Available from
Ketteniß, Holger 1 Budgeting in context of innovation as of now
2 IFRS-Reporting - analysis from an equity investors perspective as of now
3 Performance measurement of innovation processes as of now
4 Controlling in the Development Phase of the Innovation Value Chain as of now
Kottrup, Marcel 1 Comparative analysis of hydrogen production costs as of now
2 An analysis of socio-economic impacts of rural electrification as of now
3 Monetary Valuation of Political Risks as of now
Quill, Jasmin 1 Calculation of process costs for the quality control of carbon fiber tapes as of now
2 Application of the Delphi method to analyze the market development of neuromorphic chips as of now
Reinhart, Linda 1 Circularity assessment of lithium-ion batteries as of 2023
2 Economic assessment of recycling processes in the construction industry as of 2023
Stoepel, Lennart 1 Innovation controlling within the framework of the NeuroSys cluster by conducting a trend study as of now
Woeste, Richard 1 LCA for recycled and primary raw materials for the production of lithium-ion batteries as of 2023
2 Analysis of the environmental and social impacts of recycling processes for lithium-ion batteries as of 2023

Further Information:

When writing your thesis, it is possible to get financial support from Nordrhein-Westfalen for example when literature or a certain software is needed. Please ask your supervisor if necessary.