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Besides their involvement in teaching, many employees carry out research projects concerning several aspects of Management Accounting.

Here you can get an overview of the current research projects.

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At the Forschungskolleg ACCESS! eleven chairs of the RWTH University will carry out research concerning sustainable mobility systems.


Establish a test center to meet the requirements of electric vehicle charging infrastructure expansion.

Fortschrittskolleg "Verbund.NRW"

Examination of new value-added architectures based on innovative composites.




Tapping the ecological and economic potentials of modern DC-based charging infrastructures for electromobility.


INSite aims to bring to market a unique and integrated LIBS technology suitable to perform accurately in harsh mining environments with true analytical capabilities.

KIC EIT RawMaterials

The team of KIC EIT RawMaterials deals particularly with six Knowledge and Innovation topics, which guide the interactions between the various actors across the whole value chain.

MaCoCo - university chair’s Controlling

The aim is to develop a software solution for university chairs to facilitate their management and accounting.


Development of a business model with consideration of a CSR Guideline.


Exchange between actors of an interdisciplinary team for research and design of the Rhenish mining district.


As part of ScaVanger, waste stream is used to recover critical metals.


Investigating the resource efficiency improvement of composite materials and structures in construction.