unIT-e2 E-Mobility & Grid Talks


From April 25 to 26, the E-Mobility & Grid Talks and the 4th Partner Meeting took place in Munich as part of the unIT-e2 project.

  Copyright: © Richard Woeste

At the E-Mobility & Grid Talks, interim results of the unIT-e2 project were presented to the public. In addition, future developments of electromobility and its integration into the power grid were discussed with experts from politics and industry in short lectures and panel discussions. An accompanying poster exhibition provided the audience with details from the individual clusters as well as subprojects and thus offered the basis for further discussions. A blog of the event can be found at the following link: https://unit-e2.de/unit-e2-talks

The 4th partner meeting of the unIT-e2 project followed on April 26th, now again limited to the project partners. Here, the subproject leaders presented the interim status and an outlook on the second half of the project in the clusters. The event was rounded off by short impulse lectures on specialist content.

We would like to thank the FfE team from Munich for organizing the conference and the partner meeting.

The Chair of Management Accounting was represented by Johannes Bauer and Richard Woeste.

  Copyright: © FfE