Systems of Cost Management


Based on the basics of cost accounting that were taught in the course “Management Accounting and Bookkeeping“, students learn about advanced concepts of management accounting which allow an integrated business planning and management control. The discussion of integrated case studies will deepen the understanding of the main course contents.

Learning objectives

The interactive course focuses on the following learning objectives:

  • Ethical aspects of management accounting and business decisions,
  • Learning of quantitative methods and measurement models of management accounting,
  • Critical discussion of the topics learned in the lectures and case study lessons.


  • Basics of Cost Management
  • Planned Cost Calculation
  • Calculations based on Direct Costs
  • Activity Based Costing
  • Extended Cost Unit Accounting (Learning Effects)
  • Target Costing
  • Life Cycle Costing
  • Sales Management
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Sustainability Management
  • Business Modelling

General Information

  • Admission prerequisites: Managerial Accounting & Bookkeeping (Accounting I) (compulsory)
  • Frequency of offer: every summer semester
  • Scope of the course: lecture and exercise: 4 SWS
  • Examination modalities: A) colloquium (50%) and written exam (60 minutes, 50%) OR B) written exam (60 minutes); Which form (A or B) it will be, will be pronounced during the introductory event.
  • Lecturer: H. Ketteniß