Supply Chain Controlling


The aim of the module is to create a common understanding of selected problems in the field of "Supply Chain Controlling" as well as the application of the acquired knowledge to solve real-world problems. The students learn about various concepts and instruments of "Supply Chain Controlling" and develop solutions independently for previously determined practical problems.

Learning objectives

  • critical discussion, evaluation and revision of scientific articles
  • critical evaluation and application of scientific methods
  • development of analytical skills
  • Obtaining knowledge of selected Supply Chain Controlling instruments and their practical applications
  • practical insights into typical Supply Chain Controlling challenges and the development of target group specific solutions


  • Developping a target group specific solution for the in advance determined practical problems within a written assignment
  • Preparing of a presentation for the management of the practical partner
  • Discussion of the results within a seminar with the experts of the company and the other student groups

General Information

  • Admission prerequistites: knowledge in the field of supply chain management and management accounting are recommended
  • Frequency of offer: irregular, winter semester
  • Scope of course: Block seminar
  • Examination modalities: written assignment (50%) and two presentation (50%)
  • Lecturer: H. Ketteniß
  • Further informations will be listed in the "News and Announcement" sectore on the website of the Chair of Management Accoutning