Management Accounting of Transformation Processes



The Rhenish mining area is undergoing a comprehensive transformation process in which the former mining landscapes are to be transformed into a socially, economically and ecologically prosperous region. The transformation process is therefore accompanied by politics and numerous scientific, economic and public institutions. Also, citizen participation is an essential element of the transformation process.

In this context, the RWTH Aachen University has founded and established REVIERa as a transformation platform for the Rhenish mining area. This project module offers the opportunity to involve students in this process and additionally generate essential findings for the transformation process. Using practical problems, the participants develop economic, social and ecological indicators to measure the success of transformation and derive recommendations for the transformation process. Specifically, individual projects that have been approved or are currently under discussion will be evaluated. For this purpose, students must deal in depth with the corresponding project plans, conduct a suitable literature research and apply methods of sustainability controlling. Depending on the project plans under consideration, the focus can be on methodological findings or the concrete, methodically oriented evaluation of project plans. In particular, methods of value chain and business model controlling are also applied. The project module also involves other faculties and is highly interdisciplinary.

Learning objectives

The course allows students to acquire the following competencies:

  • Knowledge of and ability to apply business methods and theories
  • Critical thinking in economic contexts
  • Communication abilities to present solutions for complex business problems
  • Acquisition of knowledge about selected instruments of "Management Accounting of Transformation Processes " and their fields of application
  • Social and ethical behavior with regard to the transformation of the Rhenish mining area
  • Learning of tradeoffs with reference to the three pillars of the sustainability concept