Applied Management Accounting Research


Content and learning objectives

In the course "Applied Management Accounting Research", students deepen their knowledge of how to research literature, collect data and statistically analyse them at an advanced scientific level using an innovative teaching approach and a given research question from the field of sustainability and environmental controlling. The course follows a flipped-classroom format: After a brief definition of the relevant topics of statistics in the plenary session, the students acquire the necessary knowledge within a two-week self-study period on the basis of given literature references, links to instructional videos and independently researched materials.

In further plenary sessions, the knowledge gained is deepened and focused on the concrete application case of the course. In addition, the students will empirically apply the theoretical knowledge thus acquired: The students collect - according to the given research question - a data set from given databases, evaluate it independently using adequate statistical constructs and learn to interpret the results thus obtained economically. The results are presented in the form of a working paper (seminar paper with individual performance components) and presented by means of a lecture (to the respective group) within a plenary session of the block course.

General Information

  • Entry requirements: Basic knowledge of controlling and statistics is recommended. Basic knowledge of empirical and quantitative economic research is desirable.
  • Frequency: irregular, winter semester
  • Scope of the course: Block course
  • Teaching language: German and English
  • The examination consists of a written paper (weighting: 50%) and two presentations (weighting: 50%)
  • Lecturer: H. Ketteniß
  • Further information will be listed in the "News and Announcement" section on the website of the Chair of Management Accounting